New Lightning Returns Screenshots Reveal New Area

We have a new set of screenshots for the Final Fantasy XIII title, Lightning Returns. The gallery can be seen after the break.
These new screenshots give us a glimpse into the wide open spaces players can traverse through in the world of Nova Chrysalia. The Dead Dunes look to be pretty expansive with enemies and safe havens scattered throughout.

There seems to be a mysterious village surrounded by an oasis inside of these desert dunes. Players will have to search the desert to gain information about the mysterious village, risking running into monsters and bandits along the way.

These new screenshots not only reveal the Dead Dunes and the enemies players will be facing along the way, but they also reveal the new inns and taverns in Lightning Returns, where players will be able to replenish health, as well as the different shops like food, magic, ability and item shops.

There hasn’t been a solid release date announced for Lightning Returns, but expect to see it this fall. Lightning Returns is being developed by Square Enix and will be available for retail purchase for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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