New First Person Mod for The Witcher 3 Changes Our View of Its World

Did you ever look at The Witcher 3 and think, “Man, this game is missing something?” I know, me neither. However, an ardent modder is creating a “WIP” — work-in-progress — first person mod for The Witcher 3, which left me thinking how much the original game was missing this.

The idea is simple: Play The Witcher 3 in first person. However, it is important to point out that this is still a work-in-progress. You will be in first person, but Skacikpl’s mod still seems to utilize console commands. While not necessarily a bad thing for the majority of gamers, it does make tinkering with your view a bit intimidating. That is, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Skacikpl, the modder being referenced, is not only consistently tweaking the mod for clipping issues — issues where model textures can be seen doing unwanted/unrealistic things — but also replies, often, to the mod’s forum thread. This is a commendable effort, as a lot of inspired mods seem to fall off a cliff and into oblivion. The most frequent questions posed seem to be: Does it work for combat? Does this work with VR?! Can I ride a horse?! To which, we get the answers: “Not yet.” “VR is half a year’s paycheck, forget it!” and “There are things that make this impossible/unpleasant.” And we should all appreciate it!

The Witcher 3 now has two expansions: Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine. Mostly everyone, who owns and loves the game, has likely played through them already, but this new first person mod for The Witcher 3 might change the way you experience the world. I suppose a whole new playthrough is in order.

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