MMO Eye-candy: 10 Minutes of Dragon Quest X Gameplay Released

Hankering for some Dragon Quest? Well Square Enix have got you covered. They’ve released a 10 minute video of the upcoming Dragon Quest X, highlighting some of the game’s characters, settings and features.

Those with a grasp of the Japanese language will be able to get better idea of the video’s specifics, but generally it seems to convey everything you’d expect from a fully-fledged Dragon Quest title. Well, everything apart from its actual structure…

Those unfamiliar with the game may be surprised to hear that Dragon Quest X is actually a subscription-based Massively Multiplayer RPG. This is a rather odd deviation for a series that’s mostly made up of solo adventures.

So far it hasn’t been confirmed whether the subscription structure – which runs at around 1,000 yen for 30 days, with 2 hours of ‘free play’ allocated every 24 hours – will be present in both its eastern and western releases. However, a shred of optimism can be drawn from the past actions of Capcom, who in 2010 took the decision to nix the subscription fee for Monster Hunter Tri in the west. Subscription-based MMO’s are rapidly becoming less viable on these shores, so there may still be hope for some free Dragon Quest action yet.

The Wii version of the game is set for an August release in Japan. There’s also a version in development for the Wii U, but no date has been confirmed. Take a gander at the gameplay below.

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