Microsoft Will Offer Refunds On Xbox One & Windows 10 Digital Purchases

Refunds on Xbox Windows

“You’ve Spoken, We’ve Listened”

Microsoft will start offering refunds on Xbox One and Windows 10 for digital games and apps according to images being surfaced on Reddit.

Refunds on Xbox
Courtesy of Reddit User “gaymerRaver”

Xbox One Insiders, users who test new features before they’re released, revealed the info.

“In support of offering gamers the freedom of choice, were making changes to the Microsoft Store purchase experience by offering customers a simple way to instantly return digital products like games and apps through”

Another image from NeoGAF showed additional details on the policy. Based on that post, conditions for the return policy include the following:

  • Games need to have been purchased within the last 14 days.
  • Less than 2 hours of play across all accounts.
  • DLC, Season Passes, & other add-ons are not eligible.
  • The game or app must be launched before requesting a refund.
  • Must be one day after the game or app has been released.

Microsoft further states they reserve the right to block users who abuse the return policy. While some Windows 10 apps may not be eligible for return, it seems that the policy should cover the majority.

“When a game or app leaves you wanting more we’re here to help. Self service refunds on Xbox One & Windows 10 provide a quick, simple way of returning a digital product”

Steam has had a similar refund policy for some time while Sony & Microsoft have normally held a strict no return policy on digital purchases. Microsoft has been adamant about making changes to Xbox One & Windows 10, including UI and background changes to create a smooth user experience.

In other Xbox news, Project Scorpios specs were revealed last week showing an impressive boost above the power of Sony’s PS4 Pro.

Don’t forget that the annual Spring Sale is going on right now on Xbox One!

What do you think about Xbox’s new return policy? Let us know in the comments below!

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