Microsoft Presents the Surface Pro

Surface Pro

During a Chinese event, Microsoft has announced the new Surface Pro. With no surnames nor naming additives behind it, this tablet-laptop hybrid maintains all the good core characteristics of the 2015’s Surface Pro 4 model while correcting some of its shortcomings.

In this way, the new device brings one of the latest Intel processors, extending battery life and autonomy quite a bit – allegedly, to the 13.5 hours threshold. Clearly fabricated as sweet treat for illustrators and visual creators, this device is also packed with extra editing functionalities, directly taken from its kin, the advanced Surface Studio. Its design is very similar to the Surface Pro 4 although its improved hinge makes it all the more adaptable to different needs. Last but not least, Microsoft is shipping a Surface Pro with LTE support, which has been missing from the Pro line until now.

Microsoft has also announced that their latest Surface addition will arrive worldwide on June 15. That’s right, in less than a month.

The Surface Pro Adds to the Family

This it the first time in the Surface history that Microsoft ships two new products together on the same day: the Surface Laptop and the Surface Pro. These two devices are clearly expanding a well-established family, aiming to cover different necessities. There’s the high-performance, packed with power, Surface Book and a Surface Laptop for most users. A Surface Studio for your all-in-one PC option and a Surface Pro for tablet-laptop hybrid lovers. The only device missing here is a phone. Microsoft has yet to venture into that front though.

“We’ve taken our time to get that right, we’ve been pretty patient,” Surface’s chief Panos Panay has explained. “We feel like the family’s launching… That was one of the goals, to be able to have the moment… Walk in a [a Microsoft Store], there’s the Surface table, what product is best for you to come to the family. That was important.”

You can already pre-order the Surface Pro on Microsoft’s website for a starting price of $799.

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