Max Payne 3 Local Justice DLC Map Details

Rockstar has released details on the upcoming maps in the Local Justice DLC for Max Payne 3, out this week for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. If you’re still digging the multiplayer, don’t miss these!

The first map is the Imperial Palace, which is available in the Payne Killer, and (Team) Deathmatch modes. It’s a rather tight and narrow map, perfect for shotguns and other close range guns. This area also feature multiple levels, so be sure to keep an eye below and above you. Death can come from any direction.

The next map is the 55th Battalion HQ, available in the Gang Wars, Payne Killer, and (Team) Deathmatch modes. Battle your way through the inside of this police station with both tight corridors and open rooms for some intense shootouts. You’ll probably want something on the quick side, and enemies can seem to pop out from anywhere.

The last map we’ve got is the Departure Lounge. This one is an option for Payne Killer and (Team) Deathmatch. It takes place right in the middle of Sao Paulo’s Piratininga Airport. As the TSA will tell you, airports are hard to defend. There are plenty of spots for enemies to hide. Alcoves, behind vending machines, on the other side of those benches, enemies could be literally anywhere. Be on your guard.

All three maps look pretty cool, but the Departure Lounge has my money for the most exciting. Look for these maps tomorrow on Xbox 360, and in a couple weeks on PC. Poor PC, gets everything later. Probably because it’s superior.

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