Super Mario Odyssey Throws its Hat Into the Ring On October 27th | E3 2017

Super Mario Odyssey E3 2017 Title

Nintendo announced during this morning’s Nintendo Spotlight that Super Mario Odyssey will release on October 27th of this year for the Switch. New worlds, mechanics, and characters were shown in a new trailer and during Nintendo’s Treehouse.

Mario’s New Hat Trick

In the trailer that capped of Nintendo’s Spotlight, Mario explored a frozen Mexican landscape, traveled the stars, and possessed a T-Rex. With the help of his sentient hat named Cappy, Mario now has the ability to take control of certain enemies throughout the game. He assumed the bodies of a bullet bill, goomba, hammer brother and more in the newly released trailer. He can also assume the form of inanimate objects like rocket ships, electric currents, and traffic cones to comedic effect.

Super Mario Odyssey E3 2017 T-Rex
A massive, Mario-controlled T-Rex donning his signature red cap and mustache


Traveling to New Worlds

In addition to the previously shown New Donk City and frozen Mexican world, the new trailer introduced a lush prehistoric land full of new areas to explore. On top of the traditional yellow coins you can collect throughout the game, there are now world-specific purple coins. You can use these to buy new hats, wardrobes, and items for your ship, named “The Odyssey”. Within each world, there are plenty of smaller levels and challenges for Mario to play through.

New Gameplay Mechanics

Besides the novel use of throwing Cappy at enemies to possess them, Mario can now dress up in new outfits that allow him into certain locales and modify his moveset. The game also features light motion controls. If the player holds each joycon in a different hand, they can guide Mario’s hat throws for precise, dynamic attacks. It’s possible to do this maneuver with button controls. But, according to Nintendo, this is “much more difficult” to pull off. Mario can also spin Cappy in a radial, area of effect attack.

Perhaps most intriguing, there are sections where Mario can use warp pipes to blend in with flat surfaces and briefly occupy a 2D space. Replacing the classic stars or shines from past Mario games, the player can now collect crescent power moons used to power up The Odyssey to travel to further, previously inaccessible worlds.

Super Mario Odyssey E3 2017 2D
Mario, transitioned into 2D making his way up a cylindrical, 3D structure in his sombrero and poncho


New Characters, Same Classic Style

In addition to Cappy, there are a set of mini-bosses loyal to Bowser that Mario must fight his way through in Super Mario Odyssey. These bosses are called “The Broodals,” and they are an “evil wedding planning firm” dedicated to making sure Bowser’s wedding to Peach goes off without a hitch. This mostly means stopping Mario from saving the day. In the Treehouse demo, Nintendo showed off a fight against Harriot. She’s a brutal Broodal equipped with a mace at the end of her ponytail.

Super Mario Odyssey E3 2017 Harriot
A boss battle against one of the Broodals, Harriot


There’s still a lot of Super Mario Odyssey that we don’t know about. However, we won’t have to wait long to dig through this game. Super Mario Odyssey is releasing on the Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017.

For all the trailers and reveals shown off during Sony and Microsoft‘s E3 press conferences, look no further. For all the latest E3 2017 news, stay tuned to The Game Fanatics. You can find Nintendo DS roms here, now don’t say we never did anything nice for ya! 😉

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