Logitech Rebrands Themselves As “Logi”

Logitech is a name that brings warm feelings to all PC user’s hearts, and now they are getting a rebrand.

Anyone with any PC knowledge, large or small, will be familiar with Logitech. It’s truly representative of the goliath that is Logitech, when a company based almost exclusively in PC peripherals can be recognisable to gamers of all platforms. However, companies both big and small have to move with the times to stay relevant. Logitech’s response was to rebrand the company as Logi. The basic premise of the company will remain the same however, their business will still be in peripherals.

Logitech peripherals

So, our darling child is simply getting a little bit of a makeover, but don’t worry Logitech, we still love you the same.

With a decision as big as this, comes waves from uneasy customers. There was a concern that with the dropping of “tech” from “Logitech“, the company was implying a move away from tech products. However, the company, which from here on out will be referred to as Logi, has been quick to refute such claims. Charlotte Johs, the VP of brand development, said they don’t need a ‘tech’ tag because the tech is implied. Johs said,

“Tech is everywhere. Tech is in the air you breathe…it’s in your clothes…in the future, ‘tech’ doesn’t say anything.”

So, Logi is still going strong and putting out delicious tech. The company shows no signs of slowing down, so we can look forward to some new, interesting technology. The rebranding is not something all customers know about, and for this reason there is a chance that products under the “Logitech” brand will still be realeased; at least until everything falls under the Logi umbrella. So, next time you go out to buy yourself a new gaming mouse, and you see the Logi brand; you can trust that the product is going to have that Logitech feel and quality.

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