When Did Linearity Become a Bad Thing?

  • Dynasty2021

    Since open-world, dynamic events became far more interesting and fun than Michael Bay explosions on an on-rails script.

    And stop trying to defend The Order. The devs are arguably the worst around now with their insane reasoning for 800p and <30 FPS. It's just…pathetic.

    "It ruins the aesthetic."

    Someone put a firing squad to these morons and anyone dumb enough to believe them.

    They should just be honest. "We couldn't get more than 800p or 30 FPS out of the shit PS4 hardware" would have been more respectable.

    But heaven forbid anyone says anything bad about the next-gen console's rubbish hardware.

  • Kamille

    there is linear and then there’s FFXIII. lol

    FFXIII is simply a corridor where you touch a monster, scenario changes and then you fight in a fast paced turn based battle where strategy is not as important as you clicking on the auto battle command as fast as possible. That’s all you do from start to finish, beside watching cut-scenes, and what you mostly do on most linear games to that matter. They are restrictive and lacking in interaction and gameplay big time. There’s nothing else beside the fighting and watching cut-scenes.

    And I’m not saying that linear is bad, just look at Uncharted and The Last of Us, but this is how most modern games have been doing it, so no wonder it created this stigma of “linear games suck”.

  • twinspectre

    i cannot fucking believe how fucked up is Carlos Ovalle

  • twinspectre

    When Did Stupidity become a good Thing ?

  • Eden’s Cross

    When devs start only talking about how good their graphics are and how awesome their story is while showcasing extremely linear gameplay with braindead AI and barely any player interaction is when linearity becomes bad.