LawBreakers Closed Beta Goes Live With Renewed Content

Cliff Bleszinski’s title, LawBreakers, welcomes players to their now-live Closed Beta on PC with skilled FPS battles on a shattered futuristic world, home of endless struggles between law and crime.

Latecomers can still register for future Beta instances, especially if you’re fond of the Unreal Tournament series, Boss Key Productions is preparing an extremely vertical game with heavy arena action that will probably challenge Quake Champions style.

LawBreakers – From Alpha to Beta, Patch 0.1

This first Beta instance brings many changes and additions, presenting new classes, two new maps, added features like in-game voice chat, and many known bugs that were addressed.

First off, the selection of classes grows with the Battle Medic, the Juggernaut, and the Gunslinger. Remember that each role has a main weapon and an alternative one, together with three special abilities that fit their role. Take the Assassin as an example,  who carries blades that also serve as grappling hooks, allowing her to swing around a corner and dash to your position for a quick hack n’ slash. Check the official YouTube channel for more role tutorials!

Battle Medics don’t look that friendly…

The arenas in LawBreakers represent a catastrophic technological future where not even gravity can stay put. To the already known The Promenade and Grandview maps, the beta adds the recently introduced Mammoth and Station. These scenarios represent a shattered world with a destroyed moon, so expect to see some locations suffer some physical anomalies that’ll push fights straight into the air.

The game’s menu and visual aesthetics welcomed new looks and with it came new features. Players will be able to talk using voice through a chat powered by Discord, as well as use the new text chat. But best of all… In-game achievements are here! Step into the fray (or apply for it!), but careful, since this isn’t any regular fight with regular enemies…

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