Introducing the Nintendo 3DS XL

  • Bodeia


  • Cameron

    Let me put this as gently as I can…..HELL NO.

    The most you’ll get for trade in is about $70 or $80 and THEN you still have to cover the difference.

    With tax you’re looking at paying close to $215 for it depending on where you live. So essentially you’re going to have to pay $135 to $145 if you trade in and all you’re getting is a bigger screen and approximately 2 hours of additional play time according to this article.

    Why ANYONE would pay that much for so little improvement is beyond me unless it’s their first time buying the system in which case buying the XL is understandable.

  • Andy Bates

    Wait…you really traded in your 3DS for a Vita?!? Why on earth would you do that?? Did you really need to play another Wipeout game or something?

  • Anne Felton

    My daughter is turning 5 this Thursday, and we decided to get her a Nintendo DS as a gift. She played with one that belongs to her cousin and loved it. She is just learning to read, so some of the games that are rated E are still over her head. Any suggestions about games that would be age appropriate for her?

  • musicistabest

    I am a new beginner of 3ds max . I make a room in 3ds max . Now I want to put some light in celling to decorate the room. Help pleasssse.

  • Mackenzie P

    I want to get a ds for x-mas and i wasn’t sure if the 3DS has the same features as the 3DS .. or if the 3ds has 3d at the cost of losing some features ?

  • wwwavid360gamercom

    I am taking an animation course in school with 3DS max. I am using reactor physics and ragdolls in the animation, but, in the preview animation box there is only one box to select which frame to activate physics. I need to have the 3 ragdolls activate one at a time while the others are still being animated, but, so far, I can only get them to all “ragdoll” at the same time. Can anyone help me out here?

  • Derek

    Just curious because I was planning on getting a 3DS. Also, can you trade Pokemon from Black to White using a regular DS and a 3DS?

  • nothin_nyce1

    I’m a beginner of 3Ds max. I want to do a animation that a object change as another object smoothly. Like, earth change as moon, or dog change as cat. How can I search in web/ How can I do it?

  • have faith

    On my Nintendo 3DS, there’s a scratch on the frontward facing plastic, right over top of the inside camera. The scratch goes right over the top half of the lens, which makes the entire top half of the photos blurry. The scratch isn’t directly on the lens itself though, it’s on the piece of plastic that covers the 3D screen, the inner camera, and the speakers ( It’s black on most 3DS’s ). Where could I go to get that scratch removed or buy a new front piece?

  • Spider Pc

    I plan to get a 3ds, but there arn’t too many good games out yet. The retail price right now is 249.99, but the wii went down nearly 100 dollars after a while.

  • Blake

    I’m having an issue when I import 3DS files into 3DS Max. I would assume it has all the textures in already, as all that’s in the folder is a 3DS file and around 20 TGA files, but it doesn’t. Do I have to setup them all manually? If so, could you link a good guide please? I’m still pretty new to 3DS Max.

  • apleaforbrandon

    How easy is it to use the 3DS if you hold the stylus in your left hand?
    Is it hard trying to use the stylus and the Circle Pad in one game?
    Is it hard trying to use the stylus and the Circle Pad in one game?

  • Stevalicious

    I modeled a house in 3ds max. What I want to know is how I could make a “game” using the model. I want to be able to walk around in the house. I haven’t taken any game design classes yet and I really want to start now. I want to make a sort of first person shooter thing. Nothing fancy, not much interaction, I just want to walk around in the house like a first person shooter. What programs do I use? Any tutorials?

  • Keaton

    According to Nintendo the new 3DS update featuring the long-awaited browser and eshop was released today. I, however, am having trouble updating. Whenever I try to update it says my 3DS is already up to date, and the settings just closes. I was wondering if any of you have had any success?
    Thanks Deepmike! It’s working now. I checked online and it said 10pm where I lived and it just turned 10. Lol I thought it would’ve worked anytime after noon since on the notifications they only said “June 6 evening”. Thanks anyways!

  • Eric

    I recently got 3ds max 2012 and I’m having problems with the materials editor. When I try to get materials, I can’t apply it to the balls, it applies to the background then I can’t put it into my objects.

    For example: I have an image to use as a bitmap, when I try to get the material, it just shows up the image, not on the balls.

    Please help..

  • Scott Bull

    I have a 3ds and these games: super mario 3d land, ocarina of time 3d and mario kart 7. I’m going to get luigi’s mansion dark moon, paper mario 3d, nsmb 2 and professor Layton and the mask of miracles.
    What other good franchises are there on the 3ds? I like the style of mario and zeld and prof layton, but I want something new.

  • unbleevable39

    More importantly, can either of these cards successfully run 3DS games? I’m leaning towards the original R4i because of the feature set (one click downloading!?), but it looks like the Gold can actually boot 3d games, is this right?

    Where can I buy one of these cards without getting a broken knock-off?

  • EzioAuditore1459

    So i’m using my SD card from my 3DS by using a SD Card ready. I see lot’s of directories but I don’t think there’s any pictures in it but i’ve took some.

    Can anyone tell me how to find them?
    I really need to know fast.


  • Nathan B

    I want to know how i can upload pokemon battles from 3ds and how do i download something called pokedex 3d for 3ds.