Hype Machine – Duke Nukem Forever: Demo announced

Nuke it up!

The Duke Nukem Forever demo will be available from June 3rd for all your smutty immature delight, as long as your a First access club member.

Being a Part of the First access club for Duke Nukem, entitles you to not only the Demo. But also never before seen parts of the Duke world, as well as secret information on the Duke, and for your pleasure only never before released art concepts. (If your not in this Club right now, I know your already kicking yourself…But, KICK HARDER DAMMIT!)

However other then the tantalizing delights of the Duke First Access Club, there are a few other ways to shimmy your way into this Historic Demo. For instance, if you have picked yourself up a copy of Borderlands GOTY edition or Pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever from selected Retailers. Then your eligible to Mash your joysticks and Break your thumbs for the Good of the Duke. And if you are one of the lucky few that fall into this prestigious category, then you had better appreciate the situation. Get your Duke Nukem logo game hat on, its Go Time!

If this game does provide the promises of the most crude, raunchy, alien slashing Duke ever. Then this demo may be enough to Deafen you with Debauchery, Blind you with Bad-assery and Melt your brain out your ears with Awesomeness. Hope you have some Tiger Blood in you.

Duke Nukem Forever reveals itself to the World June 10th (14th North America).

Hail to the King…


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