Heroes 6 Beta Kicks off Might & Magic 25th Anniversary

Ubisoft likes to keep with the franchises it knows will perform well. For 25 years now, Might & Magic has been one of those series. To celebrate the venerable franchise’s anniversary, Ubisoft has announced they will give beta access to anyone that pre-orders the newest game in the series, Heroes 6.

The beta began yesterday, June 28th, and will include both single-player and multiplayer maps.

The single-player portion has you go through a part of the tutorial where you’ll learn to control the Orc and Haven units, and hear the story of the father of the campaign’s heroes. The multiplayer map will be a flashback to Heroes II’s Broken Alliance. In this map a certain number of human player fight against three computer players to gain control of richer territories. In addition, players will be able to control new factions: Inferno, Necropolis, and Stronghold.

Might & Magic Heroes 6 introduces the Conflux, an online tool that integrates into the game, extending the players’ experience by adding community features. Players will be able to create profiles, compare progress and achievements, build up a dynasty of heroes, and customize them with special weapons and traits. Players will also be able to access the Altar of Wishes, which will provide exclusive bonuses. While the game itself will be fully accessible offline, Conflux will only be available when connected to the Internet.

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