Hellion Now on Steam Early Access

Hellion Featured Image

Indie game developer Zero Gravity just debuted their first title on Steam Early Access, the first person multiplayer space survival game Hellion. The gamestands out from others in the genre by using a complex system of in-game Newtonian physics and full orbital mechanics. They hope this creates a realistic space-based survival experience unlike any other.

The title puts players in the role of a colonist who just woke up from a century-long cryosleep. You will quickly discover that rather than the paradise you were supposed to awake to, you are stranded amongst the ruins of the colony. This is where your fight to survive begins.

Hellion EVA Image

Fight to survive the dangers of space in Hellion

This may be the first Hellion Early Access build, but it allows players to salvage derelict station modules to obtain parts and resources that they can use to build their base and upgrade their own equipment. Much of this action will take place outside the confines of a ship, during EVA. Players will need to master using inertia in a zero gravity environment.

In addition, the Hellion Early Access build also allows multiplayer interactions with other players. You are able to team up to pilot multi-crew ships or engage in PvP close quarters combat. The developer is planning to add a lot of content through future updates. Things such as ship and equipment customization, ship to ship combat, asteroid mining, gas giant harvesting, realistic wound mechanics, suit damage and degradation were all mentioned.

Hellion Spaceship

Hellion is a very ambitious title, and if developer Zero Gravity can deliver on their promises, it could be an amazing game. If you’re interested you can head over to the game’s Steam page and check it out. As of the writing of this post the game has received mostly positive reviews. It is currently priced at $24.99

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