Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Draw Nearer

As much as we hate delays, they’re preferable to the rush jobs that have come about lately. While we know the delay is for the best, it doesn’t make it any easier. However, Rockstar is whetting our appetites by finally revealing some more info on Grand theft Auto Online‘s heists, the work they’ve put into them, and a soft commitment to an early 2015 launch.

Grand theft Auto Online
Take your time Rockstar. Develop like you’re planning a heist, not like you’re trying to release a game in 2014. We understand.

In an interview with IGN, Imran Sarwar revealed that Grand Theft Auto Online‘s heists were far more difficult to make than they thought they’d be. Simply put, single player heists are easier to make because players can be shifted between different characters and roles as they participate in the action, but when you have each player online as a distinct character, somebody’s getting left out of the excitement. Nobody wants to be the wheelman while he waits outside, it’s boring.

Grand Theft Auto Online
This is what you want when you play the wheelman. Not the boring waiting real a wheelman does.

It took what feels like an eternity, but it seems Rockstar has finally hit upon the magic formula that balances game play and provides fun for all at every step of the plan. Heists revolve around a four man crew with one player serving as the heist leader. The leader organizes the heist, inviting players to fill positions, picking outfits, divvying payouts, and even fronts the operational expenses. Once the heist’s on, it all comes down to doing your part and communicating during the rapidly changing situation, especially if you want to meet the ‘Elite Challenge Bonus’ on each step of a given job.

Heists in Grand theft Auto Online have a scope that goes beyond organizing a smash and grab, guns blazing robbery. In fact, some jobs don’t revolve around money at all. You may be hired on to stage a prison break. Did you see the jets and aircraft carrier? Not your typical robbery to say the least. Players will need to be capable of equal parts finesse and demolition to experience all that Grand Theft Auto Online heists have to offer.

Grand Theft Auto Online
It seems heists are going to have some fairly large set-pieces. Set-pieces that involve stealing jet fighters from aircraft carriers.

If you haven’t seen it already, feast your eyes on the trailer below:


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