Google adds New Multitask Mode to Google Chrome

  • Milk.Carton


  • Abbey Spencer

    how do i submit or can i publish some thing on google i want to submit a pic

  • Margery Degarmo

    Google has commenced displaying a location below the lookup bar to the left. There Is Certainly an selection to alter the location, or to permit Google auto-detect, but I do not want a area exhibited at all. How do I end Google from exhibiting what it thinks is my area below the search bar on the left?

  • Tia Zuehlke

    how do i post or can i post something on google i want to submit a pic

  • Harriett Legler

    Did the google telephone arrive to Verizon Wireless? Is it the HTC DROID ERIS and/or the MOTOROLA DROID? Are there several variations for the google phone? Is the google telephone various for each and every cellphone network? How a lot is it? I heard that is was coming to Verizon Wireless in the spring but I am not sure. If you know anything, remember to answer. I truly want to know when the google phone is coming to Verizon Wireless and if it arrived out already.

  • Chester

    Is it just me or when you go to, the page is black?

  • skillz

    Tomorrow is April Fools and I want to play a really big joke on my sister and brother (but mostly my sister) and whenever I play other pranks they are amatchure so I want something to do . Than you for your time and consideration. Maybe you could also post some mom and dad tricks. Thanks again

  • arronwrath

    So I have kind of a ditzy piano/guitar teacher and April Fools Day happens to fall on the day of a lesson. What should I do to him?

  • Jon P

    What are some good april fools day pranks i can do?
    i work in a restaurant! i don’t want to prank the customers, just the employees. i was thinking about making brownies, and having someone bring one to the manager (he loves sweets), then go to him and look real serious and say “please tell me you did not just eat one of those brownies!!! i need more ideas! what do you have?

  • norrin_shadowwolf

    Teacher and then leave a note that says if he wants the chocolate he needs to go through the box. Should we still do this or no. It’s for April fools?

  • Kaden

    April fools is coming up and I really want to do a really good prank! Pls. help me. I need to get one of the guys back for something done last year. Thanks.

  • Kaden

    me and my friend are trying to come up with really good pranks for April Fools at school does anybody have any good ideas of what we should do?

  • vanvark83

    heyy does anyone have any really good ides for clean fun tricks on april fools day?????? thanks!

  • Jonathan

    Im a big April Fools Day fan and I need some great pranks and how to do them. And I really need to top my sister from last year. Please help. April fools day is coming up this Thursday.

  • Beavis

    How does a minor make a Google adsense legally? Does Google adsense take tax out of your check or do they take it out of the payee’s bank account?

  • Andrew S

    has anyone done anything funny for april fools? or got anything funny back? tell tell!

  • Jamal

    I have been hearing and reading about the April Fools Worm that would affect the Microsoft computer system. I wondered would Malwarebyte, as well as CCleaner ,can remove the worm.

  • Peter

    My mom played a april fools joke on me and i want to get her back good.
    Any ideas?