Gods and Kings Expansion Coming to Sid Meier's Civilization V (PC)

  • supercu96


  • Molly Griego

    Don’t say there are no greatest arguments, simply because surely some arguments make much more sense than others.

  • Serena Frieden

    Of course, when you examine the bible it would seem like god is the great one. But would not that be just what the evil lying God would want you to think? You’ve fallen for the evil God’s lies into rejecting goodness and love of Satan. It’s not also late to inquire Satan for forgiveness.

  • Marcie Thach

    what are the implications?

  • Monique Spalding

    it can be been a although considering that the 2nd period ended so i want to know if the third time is coming out soon.

  • supernerd567

    like Hindus or like Catholic Christians pray to a long list of saints & virgins? Do they both practice witchcraft, spellcasting or magick?
    What other types of pagans are there besides Wiccans?

  • Jeff

    And how do you feel hearing your hated “libs” criticize him on this point as you stand back and say he exemplified conservatism?

  • Gabriel Kenney

    Some people say that “God sends people to hell.” Where is personal accountability in all of this? It’s not God’s fault that we sin. It’s not God’s fault that we mock him. It’s not God’s fault that we turn our backs on him. No one has strings attached to their spine. We are not puppets. We have the privilege of choice. Sin is a choice. No one is to blame for sins except for the sinner. God sends no one to hell. We choose to go there by rejecting him.

    Am I right?

  • Chester

    Now I know its fun to be the GM of your team, but doesn’t it get boring after a while?

  • LN13

    I’m jw because I know updates on my ps3 are free for 2k9. I was wondering if ps3 users have to pay for DLC in other games too or if it’s mainly xbox users who have to pay for it(since I know xbox charges for more things, like online for example).

  • Larry R

    For example, would it be possible to transfer your old game files from “NBA 2K8” to “NBA 2K9”? Please help me!

    I really want to know if you can transfer your Association mode file from a previous version of the game to a more current version.

  • Yoshi

    We have a free will do do good or evil to our neighbor, and even those who hunger around the world. Man kills man out of greed, and hate is just as bad as murder. We harm ourselves by the things we do, and others around us and then blame God for what we done…
    See, everyone accuses God and blames Him for their own doings…

  • Scott W

    What the title says. And when i play borderlands the 2k video plays but It doesn’t freeze even though its exactly the same. HELP!

  • Rassling Fundamentals

    I have the option of working for Arclight Cinemas ushering, working concession, and potering or 2K Games video game testing. Which job should I take? I’m fairly passionate about both games and movies. I’m not really into dealing with customers all day, but on the other hand I don’t know if 50+ hours a week in front of a TV is gonna be that rad either. Please share any experiences with testing or working in a theater.

  • The Inc

    Just wondering, and no LeBron haters.