Comics and the Gender Gap

  • Billy

    blah blah blah, I’m a mangina. That is effectively what you’ve said.

    Here is the cold hard truth. There is nothing stopping any woman from becoming a comic book artist, from developing her own comic line, from creating digital comic books, from pitching an idea to already existing comic companies, etc. If this is such an issue, then women are more than capable of creating just about anything they want and they don’t need you or anyone else to do that for them. And why it is incumbent upon everyone else to cater to the needs of women, as opposed to women putting on their big girl panties and failing or succeeding like every other business in the history of history, is beyond me. Either women are completely capable of making their own decisions, have the skills and intelligence to create their own forms of entertainment which cater more to their tastes, or they don’t and it’s up to the big strong man to do it for them.