Gamescom 2014 | P.T. is Silent Hills, a Guillermo Del Toro/Hideo Kojima Joint


Yesterday, Sony cryptically posted an “interactive teaser” for a new horror game called P.T. to the PSN store.

Reaching the end of the gameplay demo reveals three surprises:

  • This is a game being made by Guillermo del Toro
  • This is a game being made by Hideo Kojima
  • This is actually the next Silent Hill game, formally titled Silent Hills

While the demo for Silent Hills includes a disclaimer that it’s not representative of the final game in any way, shape, or form, it does prominently feature the name and likeness of Norman Reedus, best-known for his role on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The bait-and-switch reveal has long been one of Kojima’s trademarks, although Kojima had publicly expressed interest in working on the series as far back as some tweets in August 2012, where Kojima said his much-hyped Fox Engine would be the perfect tool for making a Silent Hill game. However, horror is something of a departure for Kojima—he’s been involved in horror-themed action in the past, from Castlevania and Boktai to the supernatural elements in Metal Gear games and the vampire demo hidden in Metal Gear Solid 3, but never a game with the intent of scaring the player.

On the other hand, this isn’t the first time Guillermo del Toro has been attached to a horror property. He’s directed many horror movies, and was even attached to a trilogy of games called InSane for THQ that never quite saw the light of day before THQ went under.

Seeing either of these men attached to a game would be a big deal, but seeing both attached to a property as big as Silent Hill is likely to be a landmark.

While the P.T. demo is exclusive to PS4, there’s no word as to what platforms Silent Hills will ultimately land on.

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