Gamescom 2013 | New LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Trailer

We finally get a look at the storyline behind LEGO Marvel Super Heroes with the game’s newest trailer, as well as some of the villains involved. We’ve known for a while that the latest game from TT Games would include practically every Marvel Comics superhero possible (including Squirrel Girl), and now we see the villain roster will be particularly strong, with Doc Ock, Loki, Magneto (who techincally isn’t a villain anymore), Doctor Doom (complete with a ridiculously named device to threaten the world with) and even Galactus — a boss fight I imagine will be quite interesting.

The basic storyline seems to revolve around Doom‘s decision to use what are called “cosmic bricks” to assemble a – sigh – “Doom Ray of Doom.” Puns aside, it looks like the LEGO series will be hanging onto its trademark humor, as well as the voice acting that was introduced in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

The trailer, unveiled at Gamescom, also gave us another bit of info we’d already assumed but finally get confirmation of: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be available, at launch, on both the PS4 and Xbox One this November, as well as PC, current-gen consoles, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, and PS Vita.

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