What Is The First Game You Ever Played?

Video games are still a relatively new medium in comparison to movies or literature. They are still progressing and every year new developments still happen.

We get new innovations that change the industry. It’s the fastest moving art form and that’s what makes it so exciting. But let’s put all of that aside for a moment, what is the first game or games you’ve ever played? Before the industry has been as fast moving as it is now?

The first game I can remember playing is Sonic The Hedgehog on the Genesis. I still look upon all three Sonic games on the Genesis very fondly and I think they still hold up quite well. Sonic has lost a lost of respect over the years (for mostly good reason, although, Generations and Colors are genuinely good games). But I think we can still look at the classic Genesis games pretty fondly and they are the reason platformers are one of my favorite genres. It was different from Mario, it was fast-paced and intense and that’s what made it so damn exciting.

first video game

As far as other games I remember playing fairly early on, Super Mario 64 is certainly one of them. The game really does hold up still, which a problem with a lot of Nintendo 64 games is that they simply don’t hold up. As the first 3D games, they simply don’t compare to what we have now. I don’t consider Super Mario 64 the best 3D Mario game but it is easily my 3rd favorite one (the Galaxy games take 1st and 2nd).

Super Mario 64 is the basic foundation for 3D Mario, which makes this game important all on its own. It helped start a series of wonderful Mario games that are crucial to game innovation. In general, controlling Mario with a control stick for the first time was important. It changed video games forever and it changed my thoughts on video games forever.

first game

Lastly, I would say Pokemon Red and Blue are the games I also remember playing very early on. I think I had a copy of Blue, my oldest brother had Red, and my other (also older) brother had a copy of Yellow. These games just took me on a journey I will never forget. I still think the creativity of these games are top-notch and even these very old games still hold up quite well (although the GBA remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen, are quite good as well). I think for a lot of people born in the 90s, these were probably their first games. The pure simplicity of the games is amazing. In general, I feel like Pokemon really takes you on a magical journey that sticks with you forever. The games industry may be moving so fast but it’s also better than it’s ever been, but sometimes the simplicity of a GameBoy game is pretty great too.

What were the first games you ever played? Let us know in the comments below!

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