Fire Emblem Fates New 3DS XL Will Not Include Fire Emblem Fates

Nintendo has come forward and announced a great looking special edition Fire Emblem Fates New Nintendo 3DS XL console, the catch being it doesn’t actually include a copy of Fire Emblem Fates itself.

This special edition version of the New Nintendo 3DS XL will release alongside Fire Emblem Fates on February 19, 2016 for a retail price of $199.99. This special edition will not include a copy of the game similar to the other New Nintendo 3DS XL special edition consoles that were released in 2015.


Fire Emblem Fates will launch with two versions available for purchase. Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest will be the two versions available on launch day. They will be followed by a DLC story titled Revelation. Players can buy each version individually or they can pick up a collectors edition with all three versions along with an art book and a carrying pouch for the Nintendo 3DS XL. The collectors edition will cost players $79.99.

Nintendo has also planned other map-based DLC for the games. A season pass will be sold for $17.99. Developers are trying something new with this release structure for the series so it will be interesting to see just how different these two versions are.

Source: [Game Informer]

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