Final DLCs for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Finally Launches

The final DLCs for Final Fantasy XIII-2 launches today for the XB360 and Ps3, which include two story missions and a bunch of random goodies. Each DLC comes separately, so you don’t have to worry about dropping extra dough for items that you do not wish to buy.

  • Snow’s Story – Perpetual Battlefield, $3.99: Players will be able to do battle against Serah’s fiancee, Snow. Beating Snow will unlock him as a party member.
  • Lightning’s Story – Requiem of the Goddess, $4.99: Please note that this DLC holds many spoilers and its best to be played after beating the main story first. This DLC holds the battle of Lightning versus Caius and once played, Lightning will be available as a party member. Lightning will have all-new special abilities that are exclusive to this DLC.
  • A Wondrous Wardrobe, $2.99: Sixteen new outfits are yours for your favorite mog, Mog the Moogle.
  • Black Mage Outfit for Noel, $2.99 and White Mage Outfit for Serah, $2.99: Tired of Noel’s and Serah’s look? Here’s your chance to change that with the Black and White Mage outfits.
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