Far Cry 5 To Break Ubisoft’s Molds, Says Game Director

Far Cry 5

There’s no doubt that Far Cry 5 is bringing a much needed dose of fresh air to the franchise. In terms of narrative, we are talking about the first Far Cry game ever to happen in the USA. A more “dynamic” story line has been confirmed, on the other hand, a way more polished and responsive AI than previous titles. Gameplay wise, Far Cry 5 is bringing a character creator screen and the ability to follow the whole campaign alongside a friend in co-op, ditching the mini-map along the way.

If you have not checked it out already, their E3 2017 Official Gameplay trailer delves into the specifics, showcasing interesting new possibilities while maintaining the typical Far Cry beats.

Far Cry 5 is Here to Break Molds

Game Director Dan Hay has spoken about these changes and what the development team is trying to achieve with WCCFTech. This is not only about stirring things up and come with something new. This is, essentially, about breaking up some Ubisoft’s molds.

“When you build games, there are always those heartbreaking moments where you have to leave features on the cutting-room floor because you have to ship,” he says. “But this is a game where we want to test ourselves.”

On the other hand, Hay also recognizes that there’s a lot of seriousness going into this title.

“It’s a very strange feeling to go outside and have people around you talking about things that could be in your game. But putting the player against somebody who really does believe that they’re doing right by humanity, at a moment in time where that seems to be a theme in the world… That just feels right,”

Far Cry 5 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next year, on February 27. Are you looking forward to it, Fanatics? What’s your favorite Far Cry title and why? What are your expectations with this fifth installment? Let us know!

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