Fanatical Weekend Round Table

This week’s Round Table discussion for The Game Fanatics reveals some of our guilty gaming pleasures that we may or may not be proud of…

Bridget Thrash - PR
Bridget Thrash – Public Relations

My gaming guilty pleasure would definitely be Civilization or playing Bingo. I love mobile Bingo games, my boyfriend and friends all make fun of me. I don’t believe them when they say that only older people play BINGO. Bingo is always a good time for me. 

Brittany Deatherage - PR
Brittany Deatherage – Public Relations

I spend countless hours farming in Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns, and I can’t wait for the new game!

Sam Robinson - Editor
Sam Robinson – Editor

I’d have to say my guilty pleasure is the Final Fantasy “Fabula Nova Crystallisseries. While actually enjoying the first one is embarrassing to admit in itself, I did play through the entirety of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. I also didn’t think Resident Evil 6 and Aliens: Colonial Marines were as bad as they were universally made out to be. I’ll show myself out now.

David Ketchie - Editor
David Ketchie – Editor

My gaming guilty pleasure. Every thursday or friday night for the past four years or so, my buddy and myself get together and play some local multiplayer games. These games range from MLB2k12 to Trials Evolution or Peggle. Whats so sad about this, you ask? It has been the same 3 or 4 games for multiple hours….every weekend!

Ben Runnings - Contributor
Ben Runnings – Contributor

I’m not sure if i have any games that would be guilty pleasures BUT I do really enjoy mindlessly grinding in RPGs. I recently started up The Last Remnant for the sole reason that I knew I’d be able to grind for a couple hours and then put the game down and never return. 

Alena Alambeigi - Contributor
Alena Alambeigi – Contributor

My guilty pleasure is outdated music games. I still plug my old plastic Guitar in for Legends of Rock, or jam on Rock Band 2 with my three-time broken bass drum pedal. Tuesday night? You can find me at an arcade actually playing DDR or Beat Mania by myself. It’s not sad because I play on expert…

William Harmon - Contributor
William Harmon – Contributor

Guilty pleasure? I garner no pleasure from the things I’m ashamed of. Like never having played Half-life or System Shock. I guess not a ton of people loved Dragon Age 2? I thought it was pretty awesome.

Chante Goodman - Contributor
Chante Goodman – Contributor

I’d say my gaming guilty pleasure is playing Uncharted in the dark with my sister, whilst eating copious amounts of ice cream. The more ice cream, the more of a guilty pleasure it is!

Greg DeVries - Contributor
Greg DeVries – Contributor

I rather enjoyed FFVII:Dirge of Cerberus. Also, I’ve played nearly every Dynasty Warriors and still love them to death. Not that I feel guilty about that one.

Alex Androski - Contributor
Alex Androski – Contributor
I don’t believe in the concept of guilty pleasures. Like the things that you like; if they’re good, enjoy them, and if they’re bad, try to understand why you enjoy them anyway and don’t shy away from the reasons you feel like you shouldn’t.
That said? I’m totally a sucker for flash-based upgrade games. Something I can put an hour or two into, replaying the same sections over and over again until I have enough cash to reach the next performance plateau.
Kate Reed - Contributor
Kate Reed – Editor

I guess my guilty pleasure would be a fun night of Call of Duty. Fun and Call of Duty? It doesn’t seem the case in a lot of games I play with people, as I hear everyone’s anger toward the game. Plus, whenever I say that I play Call of Duty, I get some eye-rolls. But as long as I’m with a group of online friends, whether I’m winning or losing, Call of Duty can be a fun game night.

Tom Dearsley - Contributor
Tom Dearsley –  Editor

I can’t help but go back to Space Channel 5 every so often, I mean sure it’s basic and pretty much just Simon Says.. but it’s Simon Says in what can only be described as an alternate sci-fi sixties with a funkadelic swinging soundtrack, a sassy bodacious news reporter and some very difficult challenges. Over a decade later I’m yet to actually complete Ulala’s Dance Mode. Oh and it’s got a cameo from ‘Space Michael Jackson’ too. Up, Down, Up, Down, CHU CHU CHU!


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