Fanatical Five | Gift Ideas for Horror Game Fanatics

The holiday season is upon us and everything in sight is transforming to convey a sense of warmth and joy, but what about those of us that love horror? Have no fear (pun intended), we’ve cooked up a Fanatical Five holiday gift guide for that special someone in your life that loves horror games and the like. Included is also a bonus, “For Every Video Game Fanatic” section which features video game power-ups and crossovers like Halo and Mario as well as Pokemon and Skyrim in shirt and hoodie format. Check those out down below.

The Last of Us American Dreams Series

Although not exactly a horror game, The Last of Us was a very thrilling survival horror game created by Naughty Dog. The Last of Us American Dreams 1-4 series written by none other than Neil Druckmann himself, the man behind the story of The Last of Us expands upon the story of The Last of Us and revolves around the life of Ellie before she met up with Joel. The comic book series is published by Dark Horse Comics and each copy of the series can be purchased from anywhere between $7-$10 on Amazon.

American Dreams

The Walking Dead TV Show Board Game

The perfect gift for a fan of The Walking Dead TV show and Board Game Fanatic would have to be The Walking Dead Board Game. It can be found on Amazon for just over $30 at $31.99. It was created to coincide with the season two premiere of the TV series and comes with the ultimate goal of survival, and players can even continue the game as the zombie if they fail at surviving.


Dead Space Graphic Novels

It can be argued that the Dead Space series is one of the best horror games of our generation. It also happens to have a very intriguing story line. However, the story doesn’t end at the video games. There have been three graphic novels written that have expanded upon the Dead Space universe. Two of the three graphic novels, Catalyst and Martyr, were written by B.K. Evenson and are over 350 pages long each. The third graphic novel, Salvage, was written by Antony Johnston and illustrated by Christopher Shy.

If you care to look at the graphic novels, among other Dead Space merchandise, you can do so online.


Dead Rising 2 Fortune City Poker Chip Set

With the recent release of Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One, it would only seem fitting to include the series in this list. And the Dead Rising 2 poker chip set is something that any card player and fan of the series would enjoy. Poker chip sets have a tendency to run upwards of $75, but the Dead Rising 2 Fortune City Poker Set runs at a price that’s much easier on the wallet. At the price of $29.95, the poker set comes complete with the following:

  • Black high-impact case sporting the Fortune City Logo
  • 100 Poker Chips – 4 different colors featuring the Fortune City logo
  • 2 decks of full-color high-gloss ‘blood-stained’ custom playing cards featuring character art from Dead Rising 2
  • 5 Green Dice
  • ‘Blood-stained’ and warped dealer chip
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Fortune City Visitor Map

The poker chip set is exclusive to the Capcom Store and can be purchased through there just in time for the holiday season.


The Humble Jumbo Bundle

There are two main reasons for why the Humble Jumbo Bundle is included on the list.

  • You can get a handful of games for a fraction of the retail price while also supporting charity.
  • One of those games also happens to be Natural Selection 2.

Natural Selection 2 is first person shooter that lets the player decide between strapping on some marine boots to kick some alien ass or fight as a beastly alien creature in a battle for survival. The following video really speaks for itself.

Not only does the bundle come with Natural Selection 2, but it also includes Sanctum 2, Magicka with DLC, and if you pay more than the average price (which is $4.15 at the time of writing this) you’ll unlock Orcs Must Die! 2, Garry’s Mod, and Serious Sam 3. The bundle also includes some of the soundtracks for the games bundled at no additional charge. There’s still over 11 days left to purchase the Humble Jumbo Bundle before the holiday season.


That’s it for this Fanatical Five | Gift Ideas for Horror Game Fanatics post, but as promised, here’s the bonus “For Every Video Game Fanatic” section.

RiDrawingBoardght now, is having a sale with designs submitted and created by artists from all around the world. This week’s theme was “Video Game Power-Up’s”. They’ve chosen the top five and have put them up for sale on their website for exactly one week.

Only the most popular designs will survive after the week is over and stay on the site for one whole year. So hurry and pick up a shirt or a hoodie for yourself or someone you know before your uncle takes four of them in the back of his truck to some farm where they’ll run around in an open plain with all of the other shirts and hoodies for all of eternity.

The styles included are:

  • Badass Blue Shell – from Mario Kart
  • Portal Pacman – A Portal and Pacman crossover
  • Dovahmon – A Pokemon and Skryim crossover
  • Master Thief – A Halo and Super Mario crossover
  • Would You Kindly – Bioshock and Super Mario crossover

They all come in a variety of colors, prices, sizes, and styles so go ahead and check them out for yourself.

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