Here Is Everything Nintendo Announced For Their Pokemon Direct

Today’s Pokemon Direct was quintessential Nintendo. The announcements were a mix of good, alright and questionable. But if you don’t have the time to watch their eight-minute presentation, we here at The Game Fanatics have you covered with good old fashioned text.


Pokken Tournament DX Coming to Nintendo Switch


Yes, the heavily rumored port of Namco Bandai’s fighting game spin-off of the adorable pocket monsters is coming to the Switch. And unlike the Wii U version, this will include all of the new fighters and support characters that were available in the arcade version in Japan. These include Darkrai, Empoleon, and including Decidueye from the most recent Generation. This deluxe repackaging will also include daily challenges, improved online play, and a brand new 3-on-3 Team Battle mode.

The video even confirms there will be a tournament with this new iteration of the game at E3. If you love competitive fighters, it’s just one more thing at the show you don’t want to miss.

As for the release date? September 22 2017. That’s just three months away. It’s not Smash Bros., but this will do just fine.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon For Nintendo 3DS Revealed


Following the announcement of Pokken Tournament DX, Nintendo then unveiled a new Pokemon game. But instead of a highly speculated HD version of Sun and Moon for the Nintendo Switch, it looks like the Nintendo 3DS will be getting a psuedo-sequel in the form of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Not much detail was given in the Direct, but it appears to be the same game as before but with new Pokemon, and a slightly different story. It will be available worldwide on November 17.

From a certain point-of-view it makes sense for this to come out on the 3DS since it has a larger install base compared to the rapidly growing but still relatively small Switch ownership, but it still seems odd that the only real difference right now is the “Ultra” title. Hopefully E3 will shed more light on this.


Pokemon Gold and Silver Come to Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console


The last announcement of the Direct was a pleasant bit of nostalgic fan service. In the vein of the first generation of Pokemon coming to the Nintendo 3DS in digital form, the second generation of Gold and Silver is coming too. Complete with online trading and battling and Pokemon Bank support. There has been no clear price given but judging by the price point given to the other VC Pokemon games, they should be going for roughly $9.99 each.

They will be available the same day as Pokken Tournament DX, September 22.


And that’s everything you missed from Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct. What are your thoughts?

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