Everything We Know About Sonic Forces

The Blue Blur is back in Sonic Forces. The next main entry in 3D Sonic titles, and it is capitalizing on the main themes of its predecessor while going ahead in unexpected ways.

Release date and Consoles

Sonic Forces is set to release Holiday 2017 on all current gen consoles and PC. No unique features are announced for the Nintendo Switch, or any of the console versions. Unlike Sonic Mania, it seems Forces will hit its target release window.


The gameplay follows the style of Sonic UnleashedSonic Colors, and Sonic Generations. Players will run straight ahead away from the camera on a narrow track while jumping, side dodging, and speed boosting through danger. Returning  is the concept of classic Sonic in a modern era that Generations introduced.

There is no word on how or why classic Sonic has returned to help modern Sonic beat Eggman. From the gameplay shown thus far we see Eggman has besieged a city. We see modern Sonic speeding through a city under fire, while classic Sonic is in a 2D modern version of Green Hill Zone.

New Characters

The biggest announcement to date is the a slew of new characters that the player will design. You will be able to play through the game along side of Sonic and Tails as a fully realized original character.

Sega has decided to take out the middleman and give the power of creating a new Fox, Wolf, or Hedgehog straight to the fans. The creations tools will allow you to upgrade character various outfits and special attacks depending on the type of animal they are. The following is a list of all animals announced:

Hedgehog – Collects rings when getting damaged

Bear – Blows away enemies with a homing attack

Bird – Flies high with double jump abilities

Cat – Keeps one ring after being hit

Dog – Restarts with five rings after the player dies

Rabbit – Has longer invincible time after receiving damage

Wolf – Automatically draws in rings when near them

There is no word how exactly these animals will fit into the story. But based off the trailers they will join Sonic, and friends, in cutscenes, and will be more than different Sonic skins with the same gameplay aesthetics

For all your Sonic Forces information and gaming news make sure you check back with The Game Fanatics daily.

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