Everything We Know About Days Gone So Far | E3 2016

Days Gone, a third-person open world action game, was officially unveiled at Sony’s E3 2016 press conference with a trailer and a live demo. The studio behind this exclusive title is Sony Bend. Their previous game was Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PS Vita but they are better known for their work on Siphon Filter. The devs recently sat down with Rooster Teeth to talk more about the game including some juicy tidbits regarding gameplay. Here’s a rundown of what we learned.

  • Sony Bend is about 100 people strong compared to the 50 that worked on Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PS Vita.
  • Bend wants the open world to feel like a sandbox experience where you have choices and different paths to take when things start to get hairy.
  • Bend confirmed PS4 exclusivity
  • The bike you see in the demo is no ordinary bike, it’s a special bike called the “Drifter.” Sony Bend says the bike is almost like a secondary character in the game.  It can go off-road which is crucial since most of the open road is broken so you need to find new ways to cover ground and distance. The bike can also hold your inventory so it’s an important tool for the player to maintain.

  • Bend confirms no multiplayer
  • Thanks to the open world tech, Bend promises weather effecting how the bike handles and travels.
  • The live demo was a bounty hunting mission where the player had to find another biker, “2-dog.”
  • There’s a weapon crafting system in the game.
  • The demo was played in a certain way but there are “millions” of different ways one can approach the demo and go in different directions to get away from the hoard.
  • Days Gone will take place a few years after the “apocalypse” event so most of mankind is in full rebuild mode.
  • There is a “huge” wildlife system built into the game. We saw a couple of wolves feeding on a corpse earlier in the demo so it’s safe to assume we’ll probably encounter bears, deers and all sorts of creatures.

  • The zombie or infected hoard that was in the game was all real and independently animated so no trickery there from Sony Bend. The  sheer volume of the hoard was the most impressive aspect from the demo and it reminded me a lot of World War Z and how those things behaved and looked like.
  • Unfortunately, Sony Bend is not talking about a potential release date at this time but they’ve been working on the game for 3 years and are eager to show everyone what they’ve been working so hard on.

So there you have it, Days Gone looks to be a mix between Sons of Anarchy and World War Z and we couldn’t be more excited. It had a strong showing at E3 and the incredible amount of zombies on-screen was really something to behold. Keep it locked right here for more news on Days Gone as it breaks.


Sources: Rooster Teeth3rdamention


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