The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Impressions | Better than Skyrim

  • Bob

    This game is terrible and this review is bullshit. How much did Zenimax pay you to say that?? Also: “Bethesda really has taken the best of Skyrim and MMOs and smashed them together.” It wasn’t Bethesda who made this shitty game, it was Zenimax. Bethesda wouldn’t put time and money into this crap.
    $60 + $15/month + Cash Shop is Zenimax spitting at people’s face. This game doesn’t even have what it takes to have a monthly subscription. There are p2p games out there that had to turn f2p and that are way better than ESO (Tera, SWTOR, Aion…).

    Btw, i’m a big fan of the Elder Scrolls series and a big fan of MMORPGs, but ESO can’t do any. It isn’t good enogh as Elder Scrolls and it isn’t good enough as MMORPG.

    • Shane

      Someone is butthurt. 😛

    • luciole78

      well its evident that what make you so upset about the elder scroll online , its simply because the game is p2p and you cannot afford it. Not because the game is crap like you cry about , but simply because you ate the payment model! Be more transparent next time , you are so hilarious!

      • shoji

        Actually i can afford it but i agree with the OP, the game is entirely not ready at all for MMO launch nor does it have the need to launch an MMO. Even as a P2P it does not justified the content it has nor the feature it even have.

        Sorry but as a P2P this game kind of not everyone cups of tea and the beta is so terrible. Make me think is alpha and not Beta at all.

    • luciole78

      this is obvious that you are mostly upset about the payment model …. because if it was f2p or b2p you will not be here crying out loud. This game look awesome , its easy to crash something just because you aren’t happy with one particular thing , and this thing is the p2p model. If you have so many other game to play , fine ..but why you are wasting time crying here all your ate!! simple cause you would like to play , but you won’t because you cannot afford the payment model. Thats it!

      • luciole78

        lol I reply twice ,thought it didnt work the first time ,but anyways my point is done hahha

    • Corvo

      omg people going on about SWTOR….. I got to 50 within a week and there was nothing to do at end game that’s why it was a flop and people lost interest they then eventually added endgame but was too late damage was done.

      its £49.99 with free month its always a high price when new game comes out nothing new. MOP from wow was £40… and sub 8.99

      its better with sub look at WoW its still going after 10years there where problems at the launch there always is with every game give it time. I don’t understand how you cant afford £8.99? its practically nothing stop crying that its not f2p.

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  • Mike

    I would like to say that Bob is completely right. If you read his comments he’s not upset because he cannot afford it, but rather the quality for the price and the pay model are absurd. Those trying to discredit Bob s comment are comming across as fanboys.

    I too was a fanboy, until I played the beta. The game simply wasn’t fun… I also had the same feeling that Zenimax paid someone. to write this.

  • Terrible game. Just terrible. Simply words cannot describe my disappointment after playing it. Profanity aside, this game will be dead within a month.

  • Pandelement

    This is one of the most misinformed commentaries I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a ton. You guys have little to no basic correct information. You don’t know the correct names for anything that would be the simplest things to research. you don’t know what systems the game is being released on (not ps3 or xbox360). You don’t know what morphs and skyshards are. You aren’t sure which company makes this game (zos). You don’t know how it’s different from wow even! You don’t realize that the classes are completely different than traditional classes or why zos implemented them. It was so hard listening to this butchering. You did get several very basic things correct so it wasn’t 100% failure. Don’t take bets on when it becomes f2p if you don’t know anything over 12 hours of the game. “I don’t even know if it’s good enough yet” yet you judge it based off your own confirmed lack of knowledge. But please, for the sake of ESO and the people who actually love it and know this game (after more than a few hours)-Never release another video. Worst commentators I’ve ever heard. If you do come back for a second video, know your info first.

  • Pierce

    Wow, I love these arrogant, snarky comments I’m seeing:
    “The reviewer liked the game? Impossible! I didn’t like it, therefore NO ONE could possibly like it! He must have been paid off by Zenimax to say that! It can’t possibly be that he/she has different tastes than I do. No, my personal, subjective opinion is irrefutable fact. Paid off, that’s it.”.
    Seriously, people. Some people actually liked the Beta. It’s not a conspiracy, not everyone going to hate the games you hate.

  • Idiothater

    idiot Bethesda Softworks is a division of Zenimax

  • Keihndeth

    Ok I gotta speak my mind here b/c these guys are absolutely doing a poor job. They don’t know the Elder Scrolls series, they don’t know MMOs, and half of what they are saying is wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love ESO. I’m already addicted. Pre-ordered Imperial Edition… Do us a favor guys and do something else with your time. Honestly, my nanna who doesn’t play video games could have given a better review.

  • EDDY


  • ray

    I was playing stress test beta this weekend, and basically agree with everything said in the review. Apart from bugs (hopefully we were the fodder for stress test, and not playing the up-to-date build the Closed Beta guys are on) and loading times (stress test should show them how many ppl they can fit in their “megaserver” at once without making loading times infinite), nightmarish difficulty (slightest lag kills you because every single mob deals more damage than you, 1vs1 is fine, 1vs2 challenging, 1vs3 asking for death) – which I suppose is a way to test the difficulty, since I’m hearing that last beta weekend the difficulty was not even half this weekend’s, it’s a great game.
    Sure paying 80 euro for a game is much, but everything is overpriced nowadays. I personally don’t give a damn about monthly fee (though it could be 10 or 5 instead of 13 euro/month), as long as I only play ONE sub-based game (have to decide if I’m to stay in WoW for Warlords of Draenor or buy this).

    PS: I giggled at your trouble with Balroth (aka the “Boss”). It’s really easy to do (well, at least if you are ranged) – most of his damage is avoidable, you just need to kite him as far from lava as you can (for example behind that altar building) and when he gets under 50% HP, stun him with quest item and dish some more damage. When he starts running to lava, follow him and damage some more, when he reaches lava he’ll have some 10% HP left. At this point he’ll heal up to some 45%, at which point you need to kite him again and repeat. He only heals about 25% HP and running to lava apparently has cooldown, since I brought him down right as he was halfway to lava pool second time. Although I died like 2 times trying to figure our tactics as well. 😀

  • Em

    I agree, Mike. It left a lot to be desired. There were some serious problems with game play (too many to be considered a Beta in my opinion, especially so close to release date.) Also with the other Elder Scrolls games I could play for hours and not even notice, but with this game I actually got bored after a bit. It’s not as good as all this hype is trying to make it seem and it certainly isn’t worth pay to play.

  • Igor

    I honestly don’t get people who are quick to put titles like “game is crap”, etc. If the game was not what you expected, it is not necessarily bad… I was expecting an MMORPG, that would differ form the current ones in the sense of more engaging combat, more engaging story, more choices and freedoms, that would be set in ES world, with Skyrim-like graphics. Isn’t this what everyone should expect from it? And the game is most certainly all of this… I have played last beta extensively, and while beginner area was very straightforward, for the purpose of teaching newcomers, you can skip through that quickly, and the whole world is at your service! Quests are interesting and engaging – but some people say its just like other MMORPG – run from questmarker to marker. Well, if you skipped through intro to quest and just ran to the marker to kill whatever will be there, what did you expect?? In one quest you save the villagers by putting out fires near their homes, in other one you collect debt from shady people (and you can persuade them to do so, or beat it out of them), in another one you are killing a witch who cursed an entire area, in another one you solve puzzles while killing mobs in your way – what more variety do you want? Graphics on high settings is very close to vanilla Skyrim, which was a pleasant surprise. And absolute killer feature is the PvP – once you capture a fortress, with the help of hundreds of your teammates and catapults, that you operate – you will never want to get out of this game… There are of course some questionable features and problems, particularly in first-person view combat, but play the game a little, and you will be impressed and enjoy it a lot, unless you really really want to hate it.