Eighth Generation of Pokemon is revealed in Direct

This morning, during the Pokemon Direct, Nintendo has officially announced the eighth generation of Pokemon, to be named “Sword and Shield,” for the Switch. It is to be released in late 2019 and will be three-dimensional and cel-shaded. A trailer was shown during the Pokemon Direct, which you can watch here.

It is also the first mainline Pokemon game to be released on a home console. Sword and Shield will take place in the new region “Galar”, along with new Pokemon. Nintendo introduced the new three starters in the trailer, Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble.

The last generation, Pokemon Sun and Moon, came out for the 3DS in 2016, so it was finally time for a new one. With Pokemon finally being on a console, will it be better than past versions? Who knows. But there is one main question on everyone’s minds, who will be your starter?

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