E3 2013 | Super Mario 3D World Leaps Onto Wii U

In their E3 Direct Presentation, Nintendo announced a new Super Mario, coming exclusively to Wii UNintendo knows Mario will always come through. Surmounted with naysayers about the systems he always graces, the icon’s games are always released to universal critical acclaim, and even his most aged adventures are timeless classics. I guess you could say Nintendo trusts their plumber boy to always come through; that he can always carry the world on his shoulders.

Super Mario 3D World is a blend between the cooperative 2D adventures Mario and company have been having very recently as of late, and the wonderful Super Mario 3D Land that came to a similarly struggling Nintendo 3DS in 2011. MrIwata described the game as the “latest title in the Super Mario 3D action series.”

The four characters return from Super Mario Bros. 2, each with their own special ability. Luigi’s high jump, Toad’s fast run, Princess Peach’s indispensable float ability, and Mario’s… red-capped wonder. Look, I called the man an icon; there’s not much praise left in the room for him. All four can play at the same time, as demonstrated in the Nintendo Direct presentation.

Super Mario 3D World

Of course, Super Mario 3D Land marked the return of the Tanooki suit, which granted Mario and Luigi (and nearly everything else) the ability to float. In Super Mario 3D World, a new cat suit is introduced, which gives players the abilities to latch onto and run up walls.

Nintendo says the game will be available December of this year, and we can’t wait. Stay connected to The Game Fanatics for the latest news from E3 2013.

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