E3 2012 – Kingdom Hearts 3D Is Still The Kingdom Hearts You've Been Waiting For

  • max


  • Phillip123

    I want the kingdom hearts 3d game but I don’t want a 3ds cause it will burn my eyes, so will there be a version for dsi like there was for Pokémon conquest?

  • ScRSC

    is there any chance they will release kingdom hearts dream drop distance for the 3ds at an earlier date instead of 2012, because i really want to play it sooo bad..

  • JackReynolds

    Is Kingdom hearts dream drop distance available on ps3

  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused

    I love the Kingdom Hearts series and would love to get the Mark of Mastery edition. But, my mother usually doesn’t let me pre-order games.

  • The Villain

    My family is planning to go to Disney World on January 8 and staying for about 2 weeks.
    I heard that at this time the crowds are less. Is this true?

  • Dana G

    Out of any of the Disney worlds that haven’t already been tried, which ones do you think would be good worlds for the next Kingdom Hearts game?

    I personally think The Princess and The Frog would be great for Kingdom Hearts. Dr. Facilier is a unique villain and the setting (1920s New Orleans) has some good potential.

    Also, for a more obscure one, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It had a lot of action and exploration for a Disney movie, so think of how it would work for a Square-Enix RPG.

  • lets roll

    I seriously love him so much. He has shaped my whole childhood. I am so sick of people acting as if there are perverted things in his movies that’s just stupid. His whole being centered around making people happy. Disney World truly is the happiest place on Earth and I cannot wait to go in October. Walt Disney’s movies should be in every home.

  • Stevalicious

    When is Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Mark of Mastery going to be released? I looked at gamestops website to make sure the release date but all the info’s gone. I pre-ordered it over a month ago but I keep seeing reviews and unboxings all over the internet. I’m a little worried I missed the date, So when does it come out?

  • Superman

    I’m a real big fan of these games but I’ve only followed the main storyline because I only have playstation and I wasn’t able to get birth by sleep. Will I not understand dream drop distance?

  • Johnky J

    I just wanted to know if kingdom hearts dream drop distance for ds lite. PLEASE tell me because i LUV kh and if i can’t get the sequel to kh2 i will b pist. so someone tell me please.

  • Ev dog

    It was a disney movie I think, and it was placed on a movie set? I know there was a little blonde movie star girl that played sweet but was actually really mean. I remember a scene where she bit the heads of her animal crackers off but that’s about it. Anyone know?

  • kamikami

    During the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance credits, Different letters would pop up next to characters. Im not talking about the dive when you collect the golden letters, Im talking about the part where the characters were standing next to blue letters. Does it translate into something? What does it mean? I couldn’t figure it out so if anyone knows please tell me
    Thank You!

  • sam N

    On Youtube it looks so easy to find them but I am not able to. No mater how mny times I look for them. I already beat the game too.

  • altair

    What would u give it out of 10 and why and what world are there to explore?

  • Superman

    So I have been wondering how do they monitor who is a Disney resort guest to take advantage of the extra magic hours. We have always stayed inside the park and never payed attention to how they monitor this?

  • kewlflame14

    So my friend and I have decided we are going to Disney World before hitting college, we have never been to Disney. We have already decided to stay at Disney’s Contemporary but do not know the difference between the contemporary building and the bay lake tower building. Is there a difference? We want to have the best and most memorable trip and was wondering which one you think we should stay at?

    Thank You.