Two New Downloadable Puzzle Packs Coming Soon for Quantum Conundrum

Square Enix has announced that two new Puzzle Packs are on their way for Airtight GamesQuantum ConundrumThe Desmond Debacle and IKE-aramba! are going to be available later this summer adding a few more hours of puzzling action to what is already an impressive and delightfully quirky package.

The Desmond Debacle takes place deep in an unexplored wing of the Quadwrangle Manor with Desmond the drinking bird serving up some more puzzles for our hero to solve. IKE-aramba! is a rescue mission of sorts involving the Interdimensional Kinetic Entity (IKE) taking place in another all new wing of the manor.

The Desmond Debacle will release July 31 on Steam for $2.99; August 14 on PlayStation Network for $2.99; and August 15 for Xbox LIVE for 240 Microsoft Points. IKE-aramba! will release August 28 on Steam for $2.99; September 11 on PlayStation Network for $2.99; and September 12 for Xbox LIVE Arcade also for 240 Microsoft Points.


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