Diablo III Skill Calculator Now Online

With the closed beta under way, Blizzard has updated their Diablo III site with a skill calculator that allows you to spec out your characters before you put them into play. The calculator supports all classes and all skills, so you have a chance to see what lies in store when the game launches.

Once you select your character class, you can select six active skills and three passive skills. Of note are the addition of being able to socket runestones into your skills, and being able to see exactly what they will do.

Once you build your character, you can share the build with friends. Either use the Twitter/Facebook links to the side, or just copy and paste the link in your address bar.

Granted, the calculator is based on maxed out characters and runestones, so it’ll take quite some time for you to get to the point where the damage/duration shown is what you’ll get.

As there’s still no release date, this is just one more mouth-watering snippit to tide Diablo fans over, assuming you haven’t gotten into the beta.

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