Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut Trailer

Eidos Montreal officially announced the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut exclusive to the Wii U and has released a trailer today. Contrary to speculation a little more than a week ago, the official release date is yet to be announced, but should drop sometime in 2014. The Directors Cut will include overhauled graphics and boss fights, as well as improved AI and combat mechanics making it the definitive Deus Ex: Human Revolution experience.

Included in the Directors Cut are the DLC packs, Tongs Rescue Mission and the Missing Link chapters. They’ve been included to flow seamlessly with the rest of the game’s story line. The original pre-order weapons are available in the Wii U version of the game.


Just like the main character, Adam Jensen, the game itself has received a few augmentations. The most important one being the Wii U GamePad. The Wii U GamePad will function very much like Jensen’s neural hub, making selecting weapons and maneuvering through the map as easy as tapping the screen.

Original game mechanics have been modified to work with the GamePad. The toolkit and quick inventory will be easily accessible for quick in and quick out access, and looting has been modified so that viewing looted items doesn’t require players to access another menu.

Hacking as well as sniping have been modified. Hacking is now more precise than ever and with the Wii U the primary screen will leave the game world visible. Sniping will have improved precision by including a two-step precision feature. One of the best features that has been re-hauled is probably the radar and map system. The Wii U GamePad will allow players to draw routes, notes and hints on the 2D map that will remain visible on the radar.

The Directors Cut will include new features that are displayed below.

• Grenade Throw-Back: Grenades near Jensen appear on the GamePad, they can be thrown back by swiping a grenade icon on the screen.
• New Augmentation “Tactical Pattern-Recognition System”: Display Jensen’s view through the GamePad touch screen. Moving the GamePad around will move Jensen’s view (the camera) in the same way, using the gyroscope. The NPC closest to Jensen’s center point of view (reticle) will have an extra information panel appearing over his head, giving precious information like the items carried, total health, armor type and state (unconscious, dead, normal). Jensen can still move and shoot while the T.P-R.S is active.
• Infologs: Information packages that can contain detailed screenshots, voice recordings, drawing and typed notes all together. Infologs can be toggled as a physical beacon in-game to be played automatically when standing on it. Infologs can be shared through the Miiverse to your friends, which let them view your content in-game, without breaking the immersion.
• New Game +: Lengthen the game with the New Game Plus; keeping Jensen’s augmentations on replay.
• GamePad Mode: Ability to play on the GamePad without requiring a TV.

New fan features will also include a strategy guide, Directors Cut commentary that has around 8 hours of behind the scenes information that went into the creation of the game, and a Making Of video that is approximately 45 minutes long. Left handed control features will also be included, as well as a slew of language selections for both voice and subtitles.


If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Jake’s hands on impressions of the Directors Cut at PAX East 2013. Unlike Adam Jensen who received several augmentations against his will, it looks like players might have wanted to ask for this. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut will be exclusive to the Wii U and will release in 2014.

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