Destiny 2 Talks About its Control Mode and Epic Story

Destiny 2

We are less than a week away from Destiny 2′s open beta and new details keep on surfacing about Bungie’s next adventure. In recent conversations with IGN, members of the team discussed what changes will arrive to Control Mode and also talked extensively about the game’s back story.

First things first. Bungie is overhauling their matches in a new way, based on the shortcomings of the original Destiny. In this way, matches will now start with each team dominating one of the three control points from the start of the match, rather than having the teams starting with no control points at all. Another change concerns how the team captures points. By eliminating the neutrality period between un-capturing a point and re-capturing it again, Bungie is injecting a higher pace to matches.

All these changes aim at improving match speed and re-configuring it to the new 4vs4 PvP setting.

Destiny 2 : A Narrative You Can Look Forward To

One of the biggest lost opportunities from the original Destiny  was arguably its main story (or lack there of). Everything we have seen about the sequel sings a very different tune. As Senior Narrative Lead Jason Harris says, “the first game sort of supported the world while the sequel will expand and embrace it, challenging Guardians to reconfigure their beliefs after the lost of their Light”. Their iterations have clear roots within the complaints of their loyal community. And Bungie is committed to deliver.

“The players are ultimately going to see a wide variety of story channels and a collective number of outlets to see story infused throughout the game. […] There’s story everywhere,” assures Jason Harris. “That’ll be the kind of Reddit thread I’d like to read. There’s too much damned story!”, jokes Cinematic Lead Matthew Ward then.

Destiny 2 is slated for September 6 to on PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will arrive later on, on October 24. Are you looking forward to delve into the world of these Guardians again? What are you expecting from it? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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