Davey Wreden Announces The Beginner’s Guide through Twitter

Davey Wreden, the creator of The Stanley Parable, a narrative game released back in 2011, went to Twitter to announce his newest project – The Beginner’s Guide. To top off the announcement of this follow up to The Stanley Parable, the Twitter post also mentions that The Beginner’s Guide will be released this Thursday on October 1st. Included in Davey Wreden’s Tweet is the website for The Beginner’s Guide, which leaves the game to the imagination of the fans.

The website doesn’t reveal much information as to what this game will be about. The fans only have a few screenshots and the history of The Stanley Parable to go off of. And even then, The Beginner’s Guide is a mystery to fans. Davey Wreden released screenshots of the game that shows off the beautiful art style that is reminiscent of The Stanley Parable is back. It seems that some of the settings of The Beginner’s Guide include a forest, a stage, and a modern apartment.

Davey Wreden

If one were to wonder what The Beginner’s Guide will be like when it releases on Thursday, one should research The Stanley Parable. In The Stanley Parable, the player has control over Stanley – sort of. The game also includes a Narrator who directs you and tells you what choices to make in order to progress the game. If the player goes against what the Narrator says, hilarity ensues as he comes up with creative excuses as to why you disobeyed him or he’ll insult your intelligence because you cannot follow simple directions. Hopefully, Davey Wreden will bring The Narrator back to The Beginner’s Guide.

Davey Wreman

There are many branching paths in the story of Stanley and multiple endings were one of the best draws into the ever-changing cubicle farm he wandered. It can only be speculated that Davey Wreden included the same gameplay mechanics and there will hopefully be multiple endings, both serious and hilarious. The mystery around the game only adds to the excitement of another well-made narrative driven game such as The Beginner’s Guide.


The mysteries shall be revealed October 1st, 2015. What was your favorite ending in The Stanley Parable? What do you want to see in The Beginner’s Guide that is reminiscent of its predecessor? Let me know in the comments below!

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