Just Dance 4 New Features Unveiled

Hot off the official track listing, Ubisoft has unveiled some new features for the upcoming Just Dance 4.

In addition to the 40+ tracks featured in Just Dance 4, an array of brand new features will be included in the game. Some of the new features include:

  • Battle Mode, a mode where friends can have a six-round dance-off. The choreography and music changes in real-time depending on who is winning or losing.
  • Expanded Just Sweat Mode: An upgrade to the popular Just Sweat Mode, the expanded version includes new work out sessions, personalized programs and a calorie counter.
  • Wii U Exclusive Puppet Master Mode: Exclusive to the Wii U, Puppet Master Mode allows the player operating the Wii U GamePad to switch dance routines that are being performed by other players in real-time.

Just Dance 4 will be available for the  WiiKinect for Xbox 360, and the PlayStation Move for the PlayStation 3 on October 9th, 2012. The game will also be available for the Wii U during its launch window.

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