Conquer the Cutest Kingdom in Jumping Knights!

Jumping Knights takes the phrase “knight in shining armor” to a whole-new-level of adorable.  Keep your head above the clouds in search for your damsel in distress in this cute, magical journey.

Jumping Knights is an action-jumping game, with a simple objective: keep advancing, don’t fall, collect as many items, and save the princess.  When you reach the top of what seems like an endless adventure, prepare for one of the cutest boss fights you’ll encounter.  Incorporating simplistic RPG aspects, Jumping Knights allows one-touch commands to select which items you’d like to use, and which battle moves you’d like to perform.

There are many items to collect in Jumping Knights: fire bursts to ward off enemies, shields to protect you, dragons that offer you a ride; and don’t forget to wield your sword along the way!  Tap the screen to take a swing, and when you want to use a specific item, simply tap-to-select said item on the specific icon located at the bottom of the screen.  Try to rack up as many points as you can by collecting gems and weapon bonuses, so you can level up and become the strongest knight in the kingdom.

You can purchase Jumping Knights in the iTunes App Store for $0.99 available for all Apple devices requiring iOS 4.2 or later.  For all information regarding Jumping Knights, visit and be sure to check out gameplay footage below:

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=true share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over skin=dangdang.swf bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

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