ComiXology Introduces Subscriptions and Bundles

ComiXology, the premier digital comic service has announced two features fans have been asking for: subscriptions and bundles. Subscriptions work just like they do for print, click a button, pay the sub cost and you’ll get a new issue delivered monthly in digital form. Bundles bring curated collections together for a discounted price.

Here’s a look at what’s slated to be the first bundled offerings:

• Marvel – Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender – The Complete Series

• Marvel – X-Men: Schism – The Complete Event

• Marvel – Infinity Gauntlet Trilogy

• Marvel – Marvel Masterworks

• Marvel – Wolverine: Origins – The Complete Series

• Marvel – Marvel NOW! Starter Bundle

• MonkeyBrain – MonkeyBrain Firsts

• Valiant – Valiant Starter Bundle

• Archaia – Archaia Digital Firsts

• BOOM! Studios – Adventure Time Bundle

• Dynamite Entertainment – Project Superpowers Bundle

• Fantagraphics – Love & Rockets: Locas Bundle

• IDW – Richard Stark’s Parker Omnibus

• IDW – Joe Hill Sampler

• Image – Image Collections Starter Bundle 

• Image – Chew Bundle 

• Zenescope – Zenescope Starter Bundle

“Every hour of every day, everyone at comiXology is thinking about how to make it easier for comiXology fans to get the comics they love,” said comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger. “With subscriptions and bundles we’ve taken yet another step in delivering the great experience that our users deserve.”

ComiXology is home to the largest digital selection of comics available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and online with a recent upgrade to the iOS version that includes Fit-to-width, Show Two Pages and French language support. Although the digital titles you purchase from ComiXology can be viewed on any of the aforementioned platforms, bundles and subscriptions must be purchased online at

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