The Comic Fanatic: Week of 4/4 – Avengers VS X-Men, Age of Apocalypse, Fatale, and Wolverine and the X-Men

  • jer292

    This game is garbage, its always been, the devs suck.

  • Anne Felton

    My son enjoys Wolverine and the X-men, and he desires some of the comics, but I realize that most of them are fairly violent. I don’t want my son to conclude up like these other young children on the American western coast that had been in the information and have been into comics. I never want my son to get any undesirable routines like combating from comics. Are there any Wolverine/X-men comics that will not have any violence/fighting or something related to alcohol/drugs/sex. I realize that the x-men are about equality and tolerance, so I would like some of the episodes that target on these ideals, and none of the violence stuff.

  • Saundra Jarvie

    Which do you think is greater and Never say Pryde of the X-Men or X-Men the animated Series only in between the two

    I say X-Men Evolution due to the fact it was funnier and is my favored from all 4 Wolverine & X-Men is far more significant

    BQ: Which is your preferred from the four?

  • Alejandra Fleishman

    i been planying x-men origins of wolverine for the prior month and im 5 trophies way from a platinum!! the only trophy that considerations me is the samurai trophy.. get all reflexes to degree 3.. if any individual understands the greatest and quickest way to get this trophy plz share the information 🙂

  • Heath

    I know that the latest one is Wolverine X-Men origins but I heard that a new one is coming out and this time it is filmed in Japan but I want to know if this is true.

  • The Villain

    Last night I just watched the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. It didn’t have any of the special effects done but I will tell ya, it was awesome!

    I am so excited to see it all finished with it’s effects and original score in theaters.
    Don’t ask me how I got to see it before everyone else, but I am just going to say, You better get Pumped Up for this Movie!!!

    Who else is excited about it?

  • thinkthought

    Freddy is almost impossible to kill because he stays alive from most attacks and the same for wolverine, he keeps reforming. They both have stabbers. They both fight like animals, COUGER and WOLVERINE lol.

  • DuckieM10

    Heyy, im stuck on the mission where your falling in the sky chasing that huge robot, dodging the parts flying off him. im at the part where u can jump on him and have to press O like 1000000 times, but cant get it, like seriously how many times do they think you can press it? ive tried so many times, any help?

  • kass9191

    Okay we all know how Wolvie’s body is entwined with admantium, but how do you think he would do if he were to fight against Lust?

    I think Lust would have the upperhand, heres why

    1.Like Wolvie, she has claws on both hands BUT her’s can extend or retract for however long she wanted them to be.

    2.She doesn’t die as easily as a human being would. Her only weak point is a piece of her former self and if Wolv didn’t have that he would be out of luck!

    3.She’s a lot stronger than Wolv (obviously if you’ve seen the anime or read the manga).

    So, what do you think? In your opinion, who would win the battle?

  • jdfan

    Obviously, it is not Earth-616 (Main), Earth-1610 (Ultimate Marvel), Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse), nor anyone of the other popular named continuities that I can recall.

    Has this ever been addressed by the folks at Marvel?

  • Agent 47

    it may have been in a different universe, cos i seen pictures of him with a huge red mark across one eye
    in the bottom left is nightcrawler with the mark on his face

  • rashest_hippo

    Music and movies are being pirated online, yet there are those who support it and those who are against it. The ps3 is going to be about $600, being the second out of three of the newest gaming systems that will have been released, and many people are starting to believe that the video game industry as a whole has reached its limit in terms of video game graphics, pricing, production value, and overall public appeal. The Da Vinci Code is a best seller that dramatizes many beliefs, and the final Harry Potter book will soon do the same. These are crucial times for all of these company platforms. Is this all a sign of new beginnings and changes for the entertainment industry, or dark times soon to come?
    i forgot to add the recent ‘Save The Internet’ campaign, where protesters are urging senators to keep the internet under “social” control and not under full government control.(which in turn, would create higher prices for internet usage, blocking of certain websites, and would change the way you use the internet forever!)

  • morbiusdog

    like in X-men Wolverine, when they told his story and in the ending of that movie Ema Frost was there, she was one of the people who were captured, and in that movie she looked so very young.

    then in X-men First Class she played a villain who looks older than she was in the Wolverine x-men movie. and in First class Charles Xavier had hair on his head but in the Wolverine x-men movie Xavier was bald.

    So if in first class it shows how the X-men formed and everything that happened, and it was during the whole Wolverine thing…. so how does Xavier have hair, and met Ema who looked as if she was in her late 20’s and then in the wolverine movie Xavier was bald but Ema looked way younger as if she was still a teenager. And he didnt recognize Ema Frost at all. But he met her in 1st class when he was younger

    Then when Charles met wolverine was already grown up meaning he was going threw the whole thign in wolverine X-men movie at the same time as 1st class, so how does Emma go from there to the wolverine movie and looked younger, while she was in 1st class as a bad person?

  • Alun J

    Civil War, Zombies, or The Age of Apocalypse. I leaning toward the Age of Apocalypse.

  • Gage

    Has anyone noticed that ever since the earthquake that caused the tsunami in Indonesia, (I want to say in 2003 or so) that the whole worlds “typical” weather is changing? Like for example some places on earth typically in winter, they get MASS amounts of snow, and very frigid temps and since the earthquake that has been slowly changing? I mean for gods sake we just very recently had a hail storm in Kenya, and this was no small hail! (Hail balls the size of cantaloupes!!) I heard somewhere that the earthquake “knocked” the earth of of one of it’s axises almost 3 degrees.
    I am not talking about global warming or the wholes in the ozone layer, I am talking about the EARTH changing, like it has done for billions of years.
    Are we headed for the next ice age? or perhaps the same thing caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?
    What do you think?
    No sarcastic answers either or idiotic answers either, you can keep that information to your selves.
    I only want to hear from people that have an honest opinion on this!

  • Duke

    ~the phrase apokalupsis eschaton which literally means “revelation at the end of the æon, or age”. (wikipedia)

  • Flash Funk

    Does anyone know where I could buy X-Men’s Age of Apocalypse series online? I would like to buy the whole set together, if I can… or if someone knows the names of all the compilation books (I think there are 4 of them, with like 6 or so comics combined into each book), then I will buy them that way, but I just don’t want to miss anything while I’m reading it!
    Please help! : )

  • Roar me R

    i.e. the planet and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, and that 2012 may mark the beginning of a new era.