CES 2014 | Mad Catz Force Feedback Racing Wheel

During our visit to Showstoppers at CES 2014, we stopped by the Mad Catz booth. We had heard Mad Catz had a new racing wheel, but we didn’t know much about it. As we came to find out, this was not your mothers racing wheel. This wheel has force feedback like no ones business, and has an amazing turning radius of 270 degrees.

[blockquote cite=”Alex Verrey”]Isn’t it a thing of beauty! It is wonderful isn’t it, almost as nice as your jacket.[/blockquote]

Mad Catz has produced their most polished work of art. With a suede grip and detachable wheel from the base, it looks like Mad Catz has thought of everything drivers have wanted. The force feedback is handled by two small motors so you can really feel the turns and force of gravity. All of you who have picked up an Xbox One will be very happy to hear that the wheel is compatible. Feel free to take a look at our footage in the video above, and hear the sweet sound of Alex Verrey’s voice. Look forward to February 28th, 2014 and get your pre-orders in on Mad Catz website. Stay tuned to our review coming soon.

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