In Case You Missed It – Weekly News Round Up for September 12-18, 2016

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon another In Case You Missed It article! YAY!°˖ ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

All jokes aside, welcome to ICYMI. This series focuses on the news that we here at the Game Fanatics (and, through a complex and incomprehensible mathematical formula, you) might have overlooked in the past week. These are by no means ranked by importance, and there are plenty of stories we got around to covering on the main site. Now, let’s get started with…

In Case You Missed Having a “Cool” Username

Ah, I think a lot of us agree that we may or may not have had the right mindset when we registered as xxNaruto4Lyfexx or ~D0NGM45T3R~ back in the day. And the worst of it was that we couldn’t really change it without making a new account! Those days are over, though, as Blizzard has finally decided to let us plebeians change our usernames for free! Well… the first time is free. Each time after that is $10. Well, if you aren’t cheap, be who you want to be! If you are; make it count.

in case you missed it
Or keep playing Reaper, ya edgelords!

In Case You Missed Ads on Your Browser

Odds are, you’re looking at this with Adblock Plus on. Good for you! If you’re still seeing ads, however, that might be because Adblock Plus will now be featuring ads. Now that you’ve probably written the rant you’re gonna put on Reddit about this, you might be interested to know why the most popular ad-blocker is letting ads in. See, many websites run off of ad revenue. YouTubers, for example, have been struggling due to the fact that they really only get paid via ads, Patreon, YouTube Red, and sponsors. So Adblock Plus has put forward an initiative to make ads less obtrusive and user friendly by allowing only permitted ads through their screening process. This helps smaller advertisers and websites maintain revenue while putting pressure on the big ad firms to maaaaaybe not throw ads in our faces when we just want to look up a thing real quick.

In Case You Missed Mr. Masq’s Failed Bioshock Stream

Yeah, sorry about that. It turns out that a LOT of people are having trouble with the Bioshock collection on both PC and consoles. On PC, many of the original bugs are still affecting the game, and users (such as myself) are perplexed that there are fewer graphical options in Bioshock Remastered compared to the original. For console fanatics who were hoping to stream their exploits in Rapture, 2K says, “Sorry, but no.” Streaming is not allowed for the time being.

In Case You Missed the Latest Episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure…

*Reads script again* Sorry, I meant Pokemon Sun and Moon news. My bad. Anyway, a new trailer released showcasing the two Ultra Beasts – UB2: Beauty and UB2: Absorption. It appears the former will appear in Pokemon Moon while the latter will pop up in Pokemon Sun. Okay, so we’ve got weird Z poses, special moves, really buff mosquito things… I think this is the work of an enemy Stand user! Okay, no more JoJo references. You can find the trailer here.

But seriously, this thing belongs in JoJo.
But seriously, this thing belongs in JoJo.

In Case You Missed Undertale’s Anniversary…

Let’s talk about Undertale. Earlier last week, TobyFox, the developer of the sleeper indie hit Undertale, posted a retrospective on the game’s one year anniversary. You can find the full post here, but I wanted to single out one part in particular right here:

People told me the game helped them through a difficult part of their life. Others told me that the game had made them laugh, or cry, or say “I want to be kinder.” Many young kids told me they wanted to create games or music because of it. And, on a personal level, because of its popularity, I have been able to help myself and many people in my life. (And, hopefully, in the future, I can help many other people because of it, too.)


And that marks the end of another In Case You Missed It article for this week. Be sure to drop by next Monday for more random news stories, in case you missed it. Or them, rather.

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