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Warumono 2 is a game that’s a bit hard to track down. This is unfortunate, as the game is simple, strategic, short, and satisfying. You know, the four “S’s.”

Normally, a secret identity game (another “S!”) involves a steep learning curve. That’s not necessarily the case here. Warumono 2‘s premise is simple: you’re a secret agent looking to grab the loot and get out of town before the police catch you. Or, if you’re the police, you’re attempting to catch the secret agent that’s currently holding the loot. The curve ball the game throws at you is the fact that you don’t know who’s holding the loot and who’s holding fakes. This applies to everyone, yourself included.

You have no idea what you’re holding in your briefcase. Should you wish to check, that’ll cost you a turn. Otherwise, you’ll spend your turn moving around the board as you pick up the proper documents to flee by either plane or boat. Time is of the essence though, as should you not make it out before the game is over, you lose.

Back when I talked about Eclipse, I mentioned how the fact that the game only has nines turns creates a tension where you think you have plenty of time when reality dictates that you don’t. Warumono 2 magnifies that feeling tenfold; you’re constantly rushing through the board, switching out briefcases to attempt to get the actual loot (remember, you have no idea what a card has unless you spend a turn looking at your own), all, while picking up your passport and plane/boat tickets.

The Board Game Fanatic | Warumono 2
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Oh, and to make matters worst, there’s still that cop trying to arrest you. Or the airport terminal may be shut down. Perhaps the docks are also shut down. All that hard work you’ve done is wasted and you quickly need to find another plan.

Warumono 2 is a deep and strategic game without the complexity of other, possibly more popular titles. Like a Settler’s of Catan or Betrayal at House on the Hill, it’s an excellent gateway game. More complex and satisfying than a Sorry! or Monopoly, while not as heavy as an Eclipse or Imperial 2030. Should you track it down on the internet and you won’t be sorry.  

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