Big Sale on Ubisoft Titles on PSN through May 22!

  • Blastiken

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this.

  • Jokerzwild

    Wow some good deals, I really wish XBL had a decent game on demand system

    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Complete Edition (includes Da Vinci Disappearance, Animus Project Update 1, Animus Project Update 2 and Copernicus Conspiracy Missions) – PlayStation Plus price $14.99; Sale price $24.99

    I would buy this instantly on XBL

  • mowmow

    i might be interested in picking up rayman origins

  • Amy Lemaster

    just rented a movie on the playstation network.

    how long do i have it for?
    says 14 days, but it had some message about playback?
    anyone anything about renting or the subject of this question.

    pride and glory, really good movie btw

  • Serena Frieden

    My interney connection is working fine (i have even been on it on my ps3) but whenever i go to sign in it says “an error has occurred. You have been signed out of playstation network. (80710A03)” i have tryed restarting it but wont work. How can i fix this?

  • Deborah Holliday

    Right now I have forgot my Play Station Network user ID and password and all of the information.
    So I want to create another PlayStation Network on the SAME user because I put a lot of hard work into getting the trophies.
    If I make another user all of the hard earned trophies will be lost and I don’t want that.
    So is there a way I can make another PlayStation Network account or is there anyway to transfer the trophies onto the other user?

  • Saundra Jarvie

    can some one give me a number so i can call Sony because every time i try to log in its says i cannot use playstation network with this account and give me a code at the bottom saying 8002A231… ever sine the playstation network got hacked iv been having these problems..just leave a number and some advice to help me out

  • Krazy Bob

    If I were to begin a big download on the playstation network, then turn off my playstation and start it back up later, will it pick up where it left off or will I have to start the download over? Thanks.

  • borabora5524

    At the end of assassins creed brotherhood, you can’t replay it because you are out of the animus? Is there a way that you can, or do you have to start another game?

  • forahobby

    Well this is my problem, the controller works fine its a ps3 controller and im using it on my computer tomplay assassins creed brotherhood…. When i enter to customize controller i put on move left or right or any movement the joystick but it doesnt work, it just works with the dpad… HELP?
    Actually thank i already solved it, i was already using motionjoy but the joystick wasnt working, but i has to press the enable button and then it worked

  • floydian8717

    I want to know how to play multiplayer in assassins creed. Thanks!

  • The Dark Knight

    I’m trying to play Resistance online, but the Playstation Network is down. Does anyone have a clue on how long it would normally take until it’s up and running again?

  • evil chevy

    soo, i baught assassins creed brotherhood recently, and i unlocked Romulus armor/cloth/cape, i got hurt and repaired it and it switched back to my old cape and cloth. I was wondering how i could get romulus back on, i have been on inventory, but its not there seen as i didnt buy it ( it was in a quest ).
    someone please help me.

  • JackReynolds

    There is a poem thing in Assassins Creed Brotherhood it goes like: Stay your blade from an innocent? Where can i find it? or can you just post the whole thing in the Answer?