Beyond Good & Evil 2 Will Offer a Vast World to Explore

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was certainly one of the most cherished surprises from the last E3. Not only did it confirm the arrival of a new title to the saga (the first Good & Evil  game launched in 2003, after all…) but also because the cinematic trailer looked really good. Even after debuting their first in-engine demo and explaining scale and piloting mechanics, there are a lot of questions surrounding the game.

In a recent livestream, creative director Michel Ancel delved a little bit more into some answers. According to him, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is immense and will provide plenty of freedom to players. The shape this freedom will take is exploration. Bluntly put, the game is “like Grand Theft Auto but in space, in three dimensions,” Ancel said. You know what this means, right? Tons of roaming around and places to discover. A confirmation that seems unquestionable after watching the first in-engine demo video, which we leave here for your convenience. Enjoy!

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is Going Really Big

The scale and dimensions of this new sci-fi world may be one of the reasons why we had to hold up so long for its official announcement.

“We waited for three years just working on the technology, so that now you can really travel across space, planets. But not empty planets…real planets with cities, logical connection between the cities. And even all the natural events that you could have on these kind of planets, gravity, all the moons, and all these things.”

Michel Ancel also confirmed that there’s still a lot to do, especially bearing in mind the magnitude of this game. In other words, don’t expect it any time soon. He also confirmed, however, that if you like big scope in games, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is certainly not going to disappoint you. “You can get out of the Chinese restaurant, jump into your spaceship, go across the atmosphere, and do into your giant spaceship, and then change the planet,” he said. All of this will be done without loading screens and you could pretty much get attacked in every step.

We don’t know about you guys but the possibility of surfing the vast galaxy on our very own groovy spaceship, going all in Beyond Good & Evil style, is a possibility that attracts us a great deal. We’ll be surely covering everything related to this game in the months to come so stay tuned!

Have you played the original Beyond Good & Evil? If so, do you belong to the mass of loyal players looking forward to the next game? Let us know in the comment section!

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