Best Co-op Games of Early 2018

When it comes to co-op games, it can be a bit difficult to find games that we will not get bored of after a month or so, or that are full of tilted trolls and salty competitive players that make the game difficult to enjoy. Outside of the Nintendo Switch I found a couple of games that came out early this year that are perfect for friends to grind but also relax and just have fun with, without wanting to kill each other in real life.

Far Cry 5 Gameplay

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is the newest game to come from Ubisoft and like its predecessors, it is an FPS action adventure game. It takes place in fictional Hope County, Montana, where preacher Joseph Seed and his cult hold a dictatorial rule over the area while creating a “utopia” they call Eden’s Gate.

The story follows an unnamed rookie deputy, who becomes trapped with the task force in Hope County and works side by side with the Resistance to liberate the county from Eden’s Gate.

Mixed in with the invigorating story line, the game is made for you to play with others, especially outside of the campaign. Arcade mode is not only fun and will give you benefits for the campaign mode, but it does not take itself seriously, which can be the best thing when you are playing with friends.

Even if you play with others in the campaign, whatever solo progress you have made will not be effected. If you are looking for a co-op game with a good story line and a non competitive tilting edge, Far Cry will be perfect for you and your friends.

The game is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC now.

A Way Out

A Way Out is another new co-op, but it is a bit different than your normal co-op experience. It was made to be played as co-op only with no single player option available.

The game is played in third person perspective and is split screen co-op, which means the co-op can be local, so next to you on the couch,or online.

In the game each player controls Leo and Vincent, two convicted prisoners who are breaking out and running from the authorities. Each character’s story is told at the same time but their progress may not be synchronized,which may cause one player to control their character while the other watches a cut scene.

This co-op game relies heavily on communication and good puzzle solving skills in order to get past certain scenarios in the game. If you are looking for a perfect co-op experience, this is the game for you. You can be sitting right next to someone sitting or playing with someone half way across the world. If you have the ability to work with others, you can have a great time with A Way Out.

This game is available in Xbox One and PS4 now.


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