Benefits of a New Game Purchase

Many games are coming up with incentives for buying a game new. This is to boost their sales and to give the buyer a reason to not buy used. A gaming company doesn’t receive any profit when a used game is sold, so why not give the gamer a reason to buy a new game instead of a used one.

Most companies are giving the buyer a code to redeem for extra content. Take Batman Arkham City for example: buying this game new will give you a code to unlock Catwoman and her missions. For those who buy this game used or have to share the game, they have to buy the Catwoman DLC if they wish to play it.

This is where I have the problem. With games like Battlefield 3 and Arkham City, if you have more than one gamer in your house, someone is going to have to pay extra. I understand that gaming companies need to make money off of the games that they create but we as consumers need to save as much money as we can, especially during a heavy gaming season. It would be nice for companies to allow a code to be redeemable twice for those who have more than one gamer in the house. That’s not asking for much and wouldn’t be abused as much if the code had been given a zero limit instead.

I just find it frustrating that when I get a game that both my husband and I play, we have to fight over who gets the extra DLC or the online pass (as seen in Battlefield 3).

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