Bayonetta Launches On Steam With 60 FPS And 4K Support

Bayonetta PC Screenshot

After an April Fools’ day prank, SEGA has finally released Bayonetta on PC.

The port, which is exclusive to Steam, will feature updated visuals and an improved framerate. According to a press release, the game supports full 4K resolutions with gameplay running at 60 FPS, although cut scenes will still be capped at 30 FPS. Additionally, the game will feature Steam achievements, trading cards and cloud saves.

The game itself remains the same as the 2010 original. Players take on the role of Bayonetta, a witch with a mysterious past, as she engages in over-the-top battles to find answers. Developed by Platinum Games, Hideki Kamiya served as director. Kamiya’s other credits include Resident Evil 2 and the first Devil May Cry.

While Bayonetta is making its long-awaited PC debut, the sequel is another story. Bayonetta 2 was published by Nintendo as a Wii U exclusive. That is cause for concern for any fans hoping to see the sequel on PC. SEGA hasn’t said anything about a Bayonetta 2 port but they did drop a vague hint. John Clark, Senior Vice President of Commercial Publishing for SEGA Europe, said fans can expect more PC ports.

““Bayonetta is one of the most often requested PC conversions of our games, so finally being able to launch it on Steam is fantastic,” said Clark in a press release. “There’s more to come!”

Bayonetta is a character action game, and in many ways the spiritual successor to Kamiya’s Devil May Cry series. While the first game was critically acclaimed, the team didn’t think a sequel was likely. In fact, without Nintendo stepping in as publisher, Platinum Games has said Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t have happened.

As a bonus, anyone who purchases the Steam version before April 25 will be given the digital deluxe edition for free. The digital deluxe edition includes a soundtrack sampler and digital artbook. The game is available now on Steam for $20.

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